Sunday, 30 September 2018

Tajmahal entry fee hiked !

Tajmahal entry fee hiked !

Regret to write on such a foolishness of Indian Govt, bent on destroying to tourism from Agra, day by day they are increasing the entry fee of Tajmahal . Now they have added one more thing in that if someone will go on top platform to visit the Tajmahal they will have to pay extra charges. Mean for the India tourist normal fee is Rs, 45/- but they will have to pay Rs, 200/- extra, and for the foreign tourist normal fee is Rs,1100/- they will pay Rs, 1300/- if they on on top. 
      While entry fee is already expensive, in spite of that they have revised more , we remember that time when Tajmahal fee was Rs, 5/- 10/- 15/- that time tourist used to stay in Agra for couple of days and visit the Tajmahal several time . But now tourist visit Taj on such a high price, then get up set and try to run from Agra. Because except Tajmahal they don't feel that they must stay more to visit something else. Because Fort is everywhere and looks similar. one more thing is there since this Yamuna expressway has started, graph of stay for tourist in Agra has come down . We have also noticed that tourist are not happy with this system . we have been asked many time question on hike the price for tourist but we are helpless to say anything. 
      Any how if you are coming to visit Tajmahal, be mentally prepared that you are going to spend a lots of money for Tajmahal .

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