Sunday, 21 December 2014

Taj Mahal tour at winter season .

Taj Mahal tour at winter season .

If you are planing to visit the Taj Mahal , don't forget to bring your winter clothes . Because nowadays Agra is very cold and covered with fog . That's why we advice you not to visit the Taj Mahal at the time of sunrise.
Even in day sun is not much strong which can take away the cold . whole the day people feel shivering .
          But on other hand if you consider of Agra's summer which is very terrible and not bearable . in that case this season is better . you can wear well and eat well in a sightseeing you will not feel much tiring . But your budget can go little up if you planing to coming to Agra on occasion of X mas and year during 1 week all the hotel becomes expensive . So you have to consider for you budget too which is most important .
moreover if you need any information regarding you trip to Agra you can contact us at any time on following mail address and mobile No, 09897067233 .


Friday, 5 December 2014

Stop terrorism and establish peace .

God know when this terrorism will be over and We all could live together peacefully and calmly . We each must find a way to establish peach and destroy to bloody terrorism .life get short to live with love then how people find out the time fight and kill to other's loving one . For the short moment they forget that to whom they are killing , they are are son's of someone father of someone brother of someone . Its a shame .

Friday, 28 November 2014

Golden triangle tour @ 175 $ each !

Golden triangle tour @ 175 $ each !

          Golden triangle tour is available on the best price with 3 * hotel by a/c comfortable car & driver .
This specific tour will started from Delhi > Agra > Jaipur > back Delhi and drop at your desired point . in this tour 1 night you will stay in Agra's hotel Taj vilas , show you Taj Mahal , Red fort , sikandra , ( Akber's tomb ) . Next day you will be driven to Jaipur , show you Amber fort , jal mahal , city palace , jantar mantar
wind palace , and night stay in hotel Glitz , for 2 night .
          Service including :- Glitz hotel for 2 night ( Jaipur ) with breakfast , 1 night hotel Taj vilas ( Agra ) with breakfast , a/c car with English speaking driver , highway tax , toll tax, parking , driver's food & sleep .
            If someone is interested to do some changing in this tour like 1 night in each city that is also possible .
We can Adjust the tour according to your convenient & time .
Note :- Minimum 2 persons are required for this specific tour .
Interested people can contact us on mail or mobile as follows .
+91-989 706 7233 .

India gate Delhi

Wind palace Jaipur

Taj mahal Agra 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Avail the special offer on occasion of festival .

    Special offer on occasion of Festival 
Now we have a special offer for Golden triangle tour and Rajasthan tour , if you book the tour with us , you will get the special discount of package tour which is available on upto Diwali . this tour has started from Dashehra to Diwali . nowadays we have a lots of tourist from Kolkatta and they are enjoying their holidays with us .So just go ahead and encase this opportunity . 
        We have all kind of hotels and transport with good driver who are well versed in take care of our guest and enable them to enjoy their trip .


I Express my condolence on the incident of Patna ( vihar ) which is occurred on the time of celebtration dashehra .

 Yesterday , there was a Festival called a Dashehra , Evil burn and truth alive which a everlasting . But yesterday in Patna ( vihar ) celebration was going go and big incident took place due to sudden stampede which caused killed 32, people and many of them are injured . 
I express my condolence on this heart rending occurrence .

Friday, 29 August 2014

Hire buses for all kind of tours .

Hire Bus for all kind of  tours .

       We provide the latest a/c and non a/c buses for all kind of tours like Manali & Simla , Nainital ,and Haridwar & Rishikesh etc . Already we have provided our buses for Jaipur and Delhi tour , and for student groups also on very reasonable rates , We have all good conditioned buses with expert driver who are running for these kind of tour since long time and they are capable to handle each and every situation .
      Moreover we organize package tour also including hotels and safari tour beside bus tour , If someone is interested in FIT tour we serve them best service , for our best services we got so many customer's comment, which can be seen on my website     .
       Our first priority is customer's satisfaction , which is most important for us . But one thing I would like to say that nowadays time of competition where you will find the travel agent in each corner and many of them doesn't know even the definition of tourism . So be careful with them and  save your valuable trip to spoil don't run after cheap price . 
       Because the person who always care for cheap they never get good service . cheaper get always cheap service . cheap price only to trap the customer and after that they cover the margin from back door .
      That's why we offer better price for better service , and I know that good service makes a wonderful relation between you and us .

Friday, 15 August 2014

Wishing Independent day 67

Happy Independent day 67 .

Wishing independent day 67, Today this freedom day is being celebrated in all over India . Every Indian is very happy and enthusiastic . We celebrate this day , but forget to them who bestowed their life happily and gone from the world . We are really very much grateful to them and our soldier who had been martyr on this country to obtain the freedom from British ruler . Today we celebrate this day in the their memory and tribute them . We should  salute them . 
            Since then we did lot of progress in the each segment , whether there is India railways, Tele phone/ mobile, computer , missile/ weapons/ and other etc . But on other hand nowadays character of people has gone very much down , we have forgotten to respect of women/ Lady , everyday when we read the news paper we find news of rape molesting women , which blaming  to our humanity . 
          I want to say only we should respect to our women and don't molest them . because this thing can come to our's own sister, mother, wife that's why respect to every's sister, mother, and wife then are also human being like us .

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Happy Rakshabandhan

Today is Festival of Rakshabandhan , which is celebrated in all over India . This Festival of sentiment of sister & brother . Today sister tie a Rakhi on wrist of brother and brother take a oath to defense of sister for her whole life . This festival is very unique very graceful .  Though Rakhi is just golden thread but has got lot of attachment and sentiment which bound to brother take care of sister in any situation .
We wish happy Raksha bandhan to all sister & brother .
          On this special occasion if you are planing for trip to some where you can remember us to serve you over speechless and classified service . 


Thursday, 31 July 2014

My view about my tourist guest .

My thinking about my tourist guest .

Perhaps this is a first step to build up a trust between you and us. India is world of dream & fantasy . It’s such a vast country where is heavy network of tout company. In this situation it’s becomes very hard to find a right travel agent, who could understand you and your feeling and could make a memorable to your trip .  While there is a tremendous competition in a travel field .we don’t say we are a best . Because  everybody say like that. That’s why we say only this much, if you have ever trusted to anyone, today you trust us and we assure you that we would not let you down.
           Because we have been  about 18 to 20 year in tourism industry, treating to tourist with our speechless service, and having a experience to read the mind of people.  We are very confident about ourselves. We have a team of efficient people who are dedicated to customer’s welfare and satisfaction. Perhaps you might have heard a proverb (atithi devo bhava ) it mean guest is God . So simply we are striving our best to justify this proverb. If we could do so much for you, we will be thankful , and that’s our resolution .

          We have our own fleet of air-conditioned deluxe transport of latest model , and hotels of all  categories  which is convenient and comfortable for each and every one .

Friday, 18 July 2014

Rent a car for day tour Agra on best rate .

Rent a car for day tour agra on best rate .

If you are planning for coming to India ( Agra ) After arriving in Delhi, people has to face the problem of booking the train ticket or find a reliable travel agent . We provide car rental service for same day tour Agra , for this service we pick you up at your place and drive to Agra with English speaking driver . show you Taj mahal , Red fort , Sikandra, baby taj ( itmat uddola ) bazar and at last we driver back to Delhi and drop you at place . We provide the guide complimentary . if you hire a taxi with us from delhi to delhi . But if want to come to Agra by train then we pick you up at railway station and take you for excursion and drop you at desired place / railway station .
you can contact us on mail or mobile as follows .

mobile :- 9897067233 / 9759346082

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Some important tips for travel .

Some important tips for travel .
·      While you are going to travel to India , you should remember some important thing to carry with you .
·      First of all you should plan properly, which part you are going to travel  . so that you could  prepare to yourself that how many days you need .
·     You have to consider well about the temperature of that part, during your trip time. So that you could prepare your traveling kit which is really needful.
·    One more thing I should tell you about India , which is country of different religion , caste , and community. Accordingly we have many religion which impact to plan . so if you know it before you can make your advance reservation which is more important and convenient .
·     If you are a back packer and going for long trip then you have lot of time to adjust your plan .if you have short time then you can contact some reputable and reliable travel agent who could arrange everything for you .
·   Most important thing is if you are taking any medicine then don’t forget to carry them , so that you could be fit to travel and enjoy your trip .

·   Try to carry less cash money , credit card are much safer and when you need money you card  you can withdraw money from ATM and Bank . if you lose the cash once never get back .
Email :- 
  9897067233 / 9759346082

Friday, 20 June 2014

Rent a car / coach / buses in Agra .

Rent a car / coach / buses  in Agra .

We have been long time in a travel & tourism industry by treating to tourist ( foreigner / Indian ) with our qualitative service to our honourable guest , We have all kind of latest model transport a/c and non a/c
which is comfortable and suitable for any kink of tour . 
       If someone have any requirement about any kind of transport in Agra to any city . You can contact us without any hesitation . We will try our level best to justify ourselves on your trust .
       These are the customer's comment who has used our service practically , they are satisfied with us and they have written these feed back .
9897067233 / 9759346082

These are customer comment  !!!

Dear Kumar,

Thank you for your kind email! Yes, everything went perfect and we really enjoyed the time in India. The service provided was flawless and we can only say thank you. However, we have a small improvement idea. A GPS device for your drivers would be really helpful to find the hotels and also to get always the shortest route. It doesn’t cost a fortune and would bring your service to the next level. We gonna write you a review in Trip Advisor shorty.

Best regards,

Dear Kumar,
Thank you for your kind email! Yes, everything went perfect and we really enjoyed the time in India. The service provided was flawless and we can only say thank you. However, we have a small improvement idea. A GPS device for your drivers would be really helpful to find the hotels and also to get always the shortest route. It doesn’t cost a fortune and would bring your service to the next level. 

We gonna write you a review in Trip Advisor shorty.

Best regards,
Boris & Bernard

hi Jais

We were very pleased with the travel arrangements that you made for us , particularly how quick and efficient you were. We would have preferred lower berths on the legs where we had sleepers but we managed the climb and on the long run to Delhi a kind gentleman gave his lower to 73 climbing up and down a few times a night can prove challenging. Having the train tickets prebooked took a lot of the strain off and made our trip more enjoyable.

Thank you.

Hi Mr. Kumar,
I am just arriving to Mexico. The travel was very nice, we loved all the places we visited and Suraj was a very very good guide an a funny friend
Thanks for everything!
Luz Amalia ( mexico )

Dear Kumar,
Thank you so much for giving me your e-mail.
I enjoyed India a lot but unfortunately a guy could not meet me at New Delhi station on 13th Sep.
The station was so crowded that I also missed the way, sorry...
I hired auto-riksher at that day to see around in Delhi.
It was so nice, especially National Museum and some temples.

Anyway it is my pleasure you contact to me.
Thank you for all of my trip. Your idea helped me so much!!!
Hope I am going to India again some day.
Ayako Ichihara

Hi, Dinesh Kumar and Everyone. How are you? I am well now.
I am sorry that I could not send e-mail such a long time. I was trying, but I was so busy and you know, I got a cold before I left in India. I was not well during one week from then. But I had to go to work.
Anyway, I sent the flyer(sign board) that Ashoku asked me. I called the Japanese girl, and she got it already.
Well, Thank you so much for considering my first trip in India. You gave me perfect plan. That's why I have never lost my time. You know, we fought a lot. I was very nervous at that time because it was my first time tirp in India and I did not have enough time. But I am sorry for being my behave at that time in Agra. But just think differently, it was good my memory of my life. Fighting is good friedship. Hope we can laughing at about that.
Anyway, I enjoyed a lot because you gave me good advice. this is right!
I told many of my friends, but they said that they had no courage to trip in India by alone. But they are interested in India. so If they asked me someday, of course I will tell about your company. And I will write recommendation about your company to guide book company 'Chikyu no Arukikata.'
And also, I want to say thank you hundred times for my driver, Yadav. He helped me a lot like my father. He was very kind and gentle for traveler. He was always thinking about his client. He always took me anywhere I wanted to go, but he has never been upset. He was always smiling so I could relax and enjoy travel. Therefore, I could have a great memories of my India trip.
I am not sure when I am coming back to India next time. It will be very difficult to come back next January. Did I tell you that I have a dream in my future. yes, I have a dream and want to go to school. so I have to save money for paying tuition.
But I will let you know when I come back there again. I am not sure now, but hope I will be there soon. I'd like to go to south of India next time.(Maysor etc..)
Sorry again for being late to send you e-mail.
Have a good day all of you!!
Akiyo Murakami from Japan.
Hello Dinesh, It's Akihiro.How are you ? I hope you and your family are fine.
I'm fine in Japan also.
and, first, I must say sorry to you ,because I didn't notice your mail. But I want to make one excuse. Many spam mail are sended to me everyday. So I couldn't recognize your mail. But it's my fault.So , Sorry ,Dinesh.
and second, I must express my appreciation to you.My trip to India was very
good, because I could meet you, and many kind people.I think I 'm very lucky.
Take care of yourself,
From Akihiro
Hello Dinesh
thank you for your mail. We have already given your mail adress to our friends and they will contact you direct by mail. But I will also ask them for their contact if they agree to give their adress to you.
Also maybee next year my boss of my company wants come to India. I will give him also your adress, if he wants. But at the moment it is only a Idea and not a fixed plan of hinm for his next holidays.
Another time thank you for all your help in India with our trip. Unforunatelly I need another time your help for our claim with Iberia. I need some more papres.
I hope that in New Delhi everything is going well and that you are fine. And that we will stay in contact.
Best regards from your friends
Stefan and Sofia

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

how to get Agra & know about it .

How to get Agra and know about it .

Agra is situated on right bank of Yamuna river, In the old time it was a capital of Mugal emperor . Before the Taj mahal Agra was as unimportant place, But After building Taj mahal , it raised into its permanent prominence, Taj mahal is Gift of emperor Shahajahan , who was the fifth generation of mugal ,
          Shahajahan used to love to Mumtaj very much who was the second beloved wife of Shahajahan . She was very charming , that's why shahajahan decided to build a Taj mahal , by white marvel , just to give a similar look to her beauti .she was just an ivory complexion lady .
        Agra can be reached by train / buses and taxi ,it is just 200 km, from Delhi , and 245 km, from Jaipur.
Though Agra is known as for Taj mahal , but beside it tourist can enjoy the Red fort which was the residence of mugal family , Sikandra which is Akber tomb , and Fatehpur sikri , which is 38 km, from Agra , here you can see , buland Darwaza , Castle , and mausoleum  of saint Salim chisti .
       Agra is a historical and worth seeing place , nowadays one live show also can be seen at Agra, which is based on indian culture and religion , where artist perform on stage , represent golden era of mugal period .
when their performance is over , A splendid taj mahal come up on stage , which really marvelous and unforgettable in whole life .
       we are a travel agent who organize package tour and transport , if you required any thing you  can contact us on mail or mobile .
09897067233 / 09759346082 .

Friday, 16 May 2014

simla & manali tour 5 N / 6 D !!!

We have conducting a simla / manali , tour for 5 night & 6 days  via chandigarh . this tour start from Delhi to Delhi . In this tour we give you stay for 2 night in simla , and 2 night stay in manali . 1 day in Chandigarh .
          For this specific tour we provide Tata indigo a/c car which is sufficient for 1 couple with infant . But you have member more than our plan , then in that case we provide the other suitable vehicle which is comfortable and Convenient . 
       in order to book this tour you can contact us on mobile and Email . all the relevant information will be given to you . nowadays people are rushing to hill , so why don't you . hurry up and leave everything on us . We never let down to our esteemed customer .   

 9897067233 / 9759346082 .
Email :-

simla picture.
manali picture .

Friday, 18 April 2014

reliable & competent travel agent .

Reliable travel agent for best service.

When somebody make up their mind to make a trip to India which is a so large country and innumerable travel agent are there . Then It becomes a very difficult to find the right and apt travel agent who can be a suitable for them . no doubt If I am also there instered of anyone I too would be confuse to find the right man.  That's why I wish to say that , we have been a long time in this field and we have nicely understood the process of taking care of guest who come from abroad . and we have studied their mentality as well .
          For now we have treated to so many customer from several country of the world . who are completely satisfied with our travel hospitality and qualitative service . Hence they have written a very good review about us on trip adviser . Because we believe our self and our excellent service .
          I want to say you if you are planing to make a trip to India the just give us a one chance to take care of you . then you will understand that what sort of arrangement we have and how we provide the service .
I ensure you , If you trust us I will not let you down and you will not repent on your choice .
have a good time all the best .


Monday, 31 March 2014

day tour with air safari .

Enjoy the day tour with Air safari .

now we have one more and very exciting adventure , AIR SAFARI beside the taj mahal in agra and this invention has been a one of different attraction for the foreign tourist as well as indian . which is very unique and adventurous .  
         So the people who are interested to enjoy the city of love from the 200/- mtr height they can do this safari and glimpse of  entire city . We arrange day & over night tour by car or train . interested people can contact us on mail or mobile . we are known as for the best service to our esteemed customers .

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

rent a car for day tour just for Rs,1850/-

Rent a car for the best rate.

We provide the tata indigo a/c luxury and comfortable car for this specific tour ,  in which we show you three monument taj mahal, red fort, and fatehpur sikri .
 for this tour you have to pay just Rs, 1850/- which is all the tax and parking driver is included .
 for this specific tour you have to reach agra by train and we pick up you at station and take for excursion. and after finish the tour we drop you back to station . ( 8 hour tour )
To book this tour with us you can contact us on mail or mobile . as follows . 
mobile:- 9897067233 / 9759346082 .

Friday, 14 February 2014

Taj tour with holy place varanasi .

Taj mahl tour with varanasi (holi place)

Now we have launched a taj mahal tour with varanasi which is a holy place and most favorite place of most of tourist who visit India .  varanasi is a such a city where lot to people not only tourist even Indian people also goes  to wash their sin . 
          As per our indian tradition when somebody dies , After the cremation of passed body, ritual take to varanasi and flow in ganges to recycle the soul .  Even cremation can be seen in varanasi near the GHATS and we have tagged the photo also . so you can get a idea little bit .
          For this specific tour we take a responsibilities to book car, sleeper train, hotel and arrival and transfer. so you don't need to worry for anything . Just make up your mind and leave rest of us .
To book this tour you can contact us on mobile or e mail  as follows . 
mobile :- 91+ 9897067233 / 9759346082 

Friday, 31 January 2014

triangle tour with khajuraho ( erotic )

Golden triangle tour with Khajuraho (erotic temple)

We are pleased to inform that we have launched a Erotic tour with golden triangle . delhi/jaipur/agra/khajuraho . this tour start from delhi >jaipur >agra > by a/c car with english speaking driver.
Agra to khajuraho by a/c sleeper train . pick up at station transfer to hotel and khajuraho sight seeing by car.
stay over night in hotel and next day departure at railway station take the over night train to delhi pick up at station to your pre booked hotel or air port . If you are going to have to flight for you destination .

If you see this pictures of khajuraho temple then you will come to that khajuraho temple are a really best example of art & craft . Which was built long time ago and you can imagine about the feeling of the king of bundelkhand .

We fulfill your dream in time and budget .
9897067233 . 


Friday, 24 January 2014

same day tour with buffet lunch in 5 star hotel .

Enjoy the same day tour with buffet in 5 star hotel.

We are pleased to inform that now we have launched a same day tour with Buffet lunch in 5 star hotel mughal  ITC . If someone is interested in this tour to book with us . We provide tata indigo a/c car for city tour . if you are coming to Agra by train we can pick you at the railways station and show you world famous TAJ MAHAL .RED FORT, AND FATEHPUR SIKRI , But if you want we pick you from delhi and drop back to delhi by car .
       If you coming by train then this tour is suitable to them who use the shatabdi which arrive Agra at 08:05 am.
and departure at 08:35 pm. so this way this tour is shatabdi to shatabdi .
       But if you want us to pick you at delhi then , you will have to start at We will drive you from yamuna express way come to agra , show you all monument lunch and drive back to delhi .

By train :-  Rs , 3500/- for two person .

By car  :-   Rs ,8400/- for two person .