Monday, 16 November 2015

Balloon festival in Agra 2015 .

Balloon festival in Agra 2015 ,

On 14 Nov, 2015 Children day have been a memorable , Because balloon festival was held in Agra near Tajmahl which was very interesting and unique show among the people who have been very happy and enjoyed the festival . Before this show had to be held only one day but later it was extended for another two more days . Indian government try to promote to tourist in Agra and it was part of that which was really fantastic .

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Friday, 13 November 2015

Delhi Agra Jaipur tour @ 17650/- with 3 * hotel .

Delhi Agra Jaipur tour @ 17650/- with 3 * hotel !       

Delhi, Agra, Jaipur cities are very famous and historical , and each city has got its own identity . Delhi is capital of India , which has got a two phase . 1 Old delhi and 2nd is New Delhi . both the part are worth seeing . In a old delhi people can visit the Red fort , Jama Masjid , and in a new Delhi you can visit the India gate, President house, Kutub minar, Lotus temple, Gandhi museum and the huge market like a can-naught place and karol bagh very popular .
        Jaipur is capital of Rajasthan , known as by the name of pink city , here you can visit the Amber fort, City palace, Jantar Mantar, Wind palace,Jal mahal, and you can enjoy the old and popular johori bazar which is very interesting .
       Agra is also very old city in the old time it was the capital of mugal , who gave a lot to this city .
TajMahal is seventh wonder of the world , built by Emperor Shahahan in the memory in his beloved Mumtaj Mahal . The Red fort was built by Akber and same baby taj was built by noorjahan , and still Dayal bagh is under construction where you can see very unique kind of craftsmanship .   

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Monday, 28 September 2015

TajMahal tour with SOS faculty bear park !


Agra is ancient city since long time , before it was as unimportant place . But after the Mugal arrival it raised into its permanent prominence . Though Mugal has given a lot to this city , Like a Taj Mahal , Red fort , Sikandra , Itmad uddolla , Dayal bagh etc . But out of these all Taj Mahal is unique and splendid example of art & craft . Which was completed in 22 year and 20 thousand people worded on it continuously . 
         Beside these heritage monument , Now we have bear park also where tourist can enjoy the wild like . Here beside the bear tourist can see the python , Deer , and some other animals/ birds . Nowadays so many tourist are enjoy of this park and having a different kind of experience . 
        If you are planing to visit Agra , you can use train / buses ,and taxi , Agra is 200 KM, from Delhi which is a capital of India . Though one day trip is enough to visit Taj Mahal and bear park . But if you want to indulge of other monument the some more , Then you should stay at least over night . 
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Friday, 28 August 2015

We plan the tour according to your desire, time , budget .

We plan the tour according to your desire, time , budget !

We have started a customize tour , It mean we plan the tour according to your desire , budget , and time .We have team of expert people who have experienced for long time work with foreigner and Indian tourist .Just you have to tell us which cities you want to visit and how long time you have . After that you will see , We design the tour according to your convenient . More over we give you option to choose the one you like it . When we furnish our quotation , you have complete freedom to compare with others . you will find our price very competitive . Nowadays trend is going on every where for offering a low/cheap price and attract to customer . We are not agree and follow this policy . One thing is very simple nobody going to pay anything from their pocket . In the age of today where every one is running after money , then how its possible to provide the service lower than cost . So this is just a trap which some people use . But we have a simple business policy , neither we will take a less and nor ask more . 
          Because we are sure about our flawless service , and we never compromise with that at any cost . We have transport of latest model . Buses , Tempo , cars ,  with comfortable accessories . 
Whatever we have committed we will fulfill it . That's why we charge good price . Sensible people know this thing we you are expecting a better service then you will have to pay for it . 

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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Group tour package service with hotel and transport .

Group tour package services with hotel and transport  .

We did all the arrangement for this south Indian student group . hotel in Delhi , bus , and meals . they all are very happy to obtain my service . Beside its we do arrangement for Simla and Manali too . We have a transport of latest model and competent driver and other staff those are expert in driving and treat to group in well manner . 
 If you are planing for the same ? you can contact us for your tour arrangement . Recently we organized transport for Vaishno Devi and Simla . People are enjoying with us because our first priority is costumer's welfare and security . So This message for them who have group but no reliable travel agent who can handle them and could provide the needful service which is required . 
        Apart from this sector , If someone planning for going to south India . We provide the service there also , and my contact them like anything to make their trip pleasant .

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Don't forgive to terrorism and its supporter .

 Don't forgive to terrorism and its supporter .

Very sad to know that today so many high profile people stood up for saving a Yakoob meman  , who were involved in 1993 bomb blast in Mumbai . The people are worried about his sentence for hang till death . once they should ask to their family member of who were lost their loving one in that blast . 
these kind of people never let it be over terrorism in the world . Today some of film star and many of politician , and some high profile people appealing for his life , as Yakoob meman did a good job .
When terrorist crush/massacre around the world , that time why these people doesn't ask them and explain them , don't kill them they all are a human being like you . They are a parent of some one , sister/brother of someone .
bloody rascal . its a shame .


Friday, 10 July 2015

Student and corporate group entertained here .

Student and corporate group  entertained here .

We entertain the student group also beside the private tours . We have all kind of transport of latest model , like a/c and non a/c buses, tempo traveler, and cars including catering + hotel of each and every categories .
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Honeymoon trip with TajMahal !

Honeymoon trip with TajMahal !

Where the question rise for Honeymoon trip then Agra and Khajuraho is right place , Because logic is there . When the TajMahal built in Agra since then it’s started  to known as by the several name , city of Taj , city of love and so on . That’s why many lover has chosen Agra , to be a married and so many  married couple come to Agra for the Honeymoon trip .  When the matter come for Honeymoon then one thing is attached with this trip, that’s a Romance and considering the point , So Khajuraho is the best place for the newly married couple who became a one for longer last .  The Erotic temple of KAMASUTRA create magnetic feeling in their mind which instigate them to thrill . Hence Logically Agra and Khajuraho is the best place for this special trip . We are specialize tour operator for this sector , so if you are planing your trip you can contact us on mail or mobile . We assure you that we will not let you down .


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Per day hire car & driver is not safe at all .

Per day hire car & driver not safe !

          Nowadays trend is prevailed to hire a car & driver for tour . This message is specially for them who tend to hire car & driver for their trip . Because they think this way they can travel on cheap budget . But they doesn't know they one thing which is very important that travelling by some reputable company is much more safe and secure . 
          Now I am going to explain you the point . Nowadays so many driver who used to work for some company , they have quit from them and pay just little money and get financed the car . After that they get developed a web site from some web designer and started their company and started offering the cheap price on their home page to attract the tourist . No doubt they get success too in their planing . tourist watch the low price and doesn't watch the trap . its just like in order to catch the pigeon first trow the food .
          This way they trap the customer , and their target is Single girl or aged couple . If they find the young single girl they start to dreaming to make money by telling her bullshit story during on tour . while they are married and having a children too . But they says I am bachelor ( single ) yet and I am working as driver for someone , I am very poor , only I am the sole support of my family and so on , lure their customer .
          If they find the old aged customer they try to gain their faith by saying same kind of thing , I am poor , working for some one, I want to buy my own car , in india no much money in job , please take to your country etc . 
          So be careful with this kind of people and hire a car or anything which is you need for your trip from some good and reputable company and make pleasant and safe to your journey  . I have read many time cheating cases of same story many time .
with best of luck .

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Navratri tour package on special discount .

Navratri special tour on discount .                             

From today nine days of worshipping has started in India .  these days consider , holy days for Goddess .  Many people have fast for entire 9 days and just they eat once in whole day at evening but many of them doesn't eat anything for entire 9 days , just they have the water . 
its seems very strange but this is truth .
that's why it said the India is only a country where found The God ! 
This country is mysterious , and worth seeing , visit once for sure . 

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We have navratri tour package for Taj mahal and Golden triangle on special discount .

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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Delhi > Agra > jaipur trip , @ 280 $ for 2 person .

Delhi > Agra > Jaipur , Trip @ 280 $ for 2 person . 

Enjoy the Delhi / Agra / Jaipur tour by Tata Indigo a/c car with English speaking driver on very reasonable price . This tour start from Delhi to Agra by Express way , After reaching Agra show Taj Mahal , Red Fort, and Fatehpur sikiri ,. 3 historical monument  .

After that drive to Jaipur pink city , here we show Amber fort , Wind palace , City palace , Jantar Mantar ,
Jal Mahal , Birla Temple , all the beautiful and historical monument .


1 night stay in Agra 3 * category hotel with breakfast and 2 night in jaipur  .
2, English speaking driver with a/c car .
3, All the taxes and parking , driver night / and food .


NOTE :- this offer is for limited period !
Hurry up .
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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Same day tour with lunch .

Same day tour with buffet lunch .

We pleased to inform that we have launched a same day tour with lunch in well furnished a/c restaurant .
We provide Tata indigo a/c car / Swift d'zire , for this specific tour , which cover 3 significant monument ,
If you want to start this tour from Delhi by car , then in this condition we pick you up at your staying place and drive through  YAMUNA EXPRESS WAY , which is faster and smooth . After reaching Agra we show you above said monument one by one , have the lunch in a/c restaurant and at evening drive back to Delhi by same way , and drop you at your place .

Price for this tour by car :- Rs,8500/- ( for 2 person )
Price for this tour by train :- Rs, 3500/- ( for 2 person )
All inclusive .
Complimentary :- Guide service !

P.s. For any confusion you can contact us on following number or mail .
+91-9897067233 /9759346082

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Same day tour with Buffet lunch .

Same day tour with buffet lunch .

We are pleased to inform that now we have launched a same day tour with Buffet lunch in well furnished restaurant . If somebody interested in this tour to book , We provide tata indigo a/c car for city tour . if you are coming to Agra by train we can pick you at the railways station and show you world famous TAJ MAHAL .RED FORT, AND FATEHPUR SIKRI , But if you want we pick you from delhi and drop back to delhi by car, both facilities are possible .
       If you coming by train then this tour is suitable to them who use the shatabdi which arrive Agra at 08:05 am.
and departure at 09:15 pm. so this way this tour is shatabdi to shatabdi .
       But if you want us to pick you at delhi then , you will have to start at We will drive you from yamuna express way come to agra , show you all monument lunch and drive back to delhi .

By train :-  Rs , 3500/- for two person .
By car :-  Rs , 8250/- for two person .
All inclusive .

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Safe travel with us .

     Safe travel with us .
      Its a same and how sad that japanese tourist 23 year old  has been abducted and raped by some Indian people in Bodh Gaya . After hearing this bad news , Damini's rape case has been refreshed .
     When 6 wastered were raped to Damini in running bus . Since then no strict action has been taken by Indian Government . Day by day this kind of incident are increasing .
     That's why nowadays tourist are not coming to India alone . Because they are not safe if they travel alone and graph of coming to India going down .  
      In my opinion rapist should be castrated . then they will come to know what they have done . Indian Government should not put them in jail . they doesn't deserve to stay in jail . this kind of people are blemish of our indian culture and custom .
       Therefore I would like to say if you are planning to coming to india either you should not travel alone of if there is no one to accompany then you should find some tour operator and get arranged every thing then only you can travel safe and enjoy your trip .
Dinesh Kumar.