Sunday, 21 December 2014

Taj Mahal tour at winter season .

Taj Mahal tour at winter season .

If you are planing to visit the Taj Mahal , don't forget to bring your winter clothes . Because nowadays Agra is very cold and covered with fog . That's why we advice you not to visit the Taj Mahal at the time of sunrise.
Even in day sun is not much strong which can take away the cold . whole the day people feel shivering .
          But on other hand if you consider of Agra's summer which is very terrible and not bearable . in that case this season is better . you can wear well and eat well in a sightseeing you will not feel much tiring . But your budget can go little up if you planing to coming to Agra on occasion of X mas and year during 1 week all the hotel becomes expensive . So you have to consider for you budget too which is most important .
moreover if you need any information regarding you trip to Agra you can contact us at any time on following mail address and mobile No, 09897067233 .


Friday, 5 December 2014

Stop terrorism and establish peace .

God know when this terrorism will be over and We all could live together peacefully and calmly . We each must find a way to establish peach and destroy to bloody terrorism .life get short to live with love then how people find out the time fight and kill to other's loving one . For the short moment they forget that to whom they are killing , they are are son's of someone father of someone brother of someone . Its a shame .