Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Bad politics on Tajmahal ,

Everybody knows that Tajmahal is built by Emperor Shahanjahan , about 4 hundred years ago . But but some politicians saying that before that Taj mahal there was a Shiv temple and named was Tejo mahal. But nobody have a proof to prove this point . Even yesterday some of Hindu wahini people started to do the paath of Shiv Chalisha . but stopped by CISF and after apologize they were released. its a pity that some politician in order to avail the opportunity in election, they directed to this issue to instigate the Hindu Muslim riot . Because now election to be held in some state, party need some issue to gain the sympathy of people and divert there mind from there main issue of demonetization and GST which is they have imposed on public, for that they would not be forgiven . public need our well wished leader not dictator . India is not a small country rather its a second or third largest country in the would of which population is 125 crore . 

Overall TAJ is peerless monument undoubtedly its a worth seeing , people should not concerned go for religion for watching it while you should admire its beauty .

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