Saturday, 28 March 2015

Per day hire car & driver is not safe at all .

Per day hire car & driver not safe !

          Nowadays trend is prevailed to hire a car & driver for tour . This message is specially for them who tend to hire car & driver for their trip . Because they think this way they can travel on cheap budget . But they doesn't know they one thing which is very important that travelling by some reputable company is much more safe and secure . 
          Now I am going to explain you the point . Nowadays so many driver who used to work for some company , they have quit from them and pay just little money and get financed the car . After that they get developed a web site from some web designer and started their company and started offering the cheap price on their home page to attract the tourist . No doubt they get success too in their planing . tourist watch the low price and doesn't watch the trap . its just like in order to catch the pigeon first trow the food .
          This way they trap the customer , and their target is Single girl or aged couple . If they find the young single girl they start to dreaming to make money by telling her bullshit story during on tour . while they are married and having a children too . But they says I am bachelor ( single ) yet and I am working as driver for someone , I am very poor , only I am the sole support of my family and so on , lure their customer .
          If they find the old aged customer they try to gain their faith by saying same kind of thing , I am poor , working for some one, I want to buy my own car , in india no much money in job , please take to your country etc . 
          So be careful with this kind of people and hire a car or anything which is you need for your trip from some good and reputable company and make pleasant and safe to your journey  . I have read many time cheating cases of same story many time .
with best of luck .

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Navratri tour package on special discount .

Navratri special tour on discount .                             

From today nine days of worshipping has started in India .  these days consider , holy days for Goddess .  Many people have fast for entire 9 days and just they eat once in whole day at evening but many of them doesn't eat anything for entire 9 days , just they have the water . 
its seems very strange but this is truth .
that's why it said the India is only a country where found The God ! 
This country is mysterious , and worth seeing , visit once for sure . 

We are a care take of yours valuable trip who is always at your disposal .
We have navratri tour package for Taj mahal and Golden triangle on special discount .

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