Saturday, 4 October 2014

Avail the special offer on occasion of festival .

    Special offer on occasion of Festival 
Now we have a special offer for Golden triangle tour and Rajasthan tour , if you book the tour with us , you will get the special discount of package tour which is available on upto Diwali . this tour has started from Dashehra to Diwali . nowadays we have a lots of tourist from Kolkatta and they are enjoying their holidays with us .So just go ahead and encase this opportunity . 
        We have all kind of hotels and transport with good driver who are well versed in take care of our guest and enable them to enjoy their trip .


I Express my condolence on the incident of Patna ( vihar ) which is occurred on the time of celebtration dashehra .

 Yesterday , there was a Festival called a Dashehra , Evil burn and truth alive which a everlasting . But yesterday in Patna ( vihar ) celebration was going go and big incident took place due to sudden stampede which caused killed 32, people and many of them are injured . 
I express my condolence on this heart rending occurrence .