Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Safe travel with us .

     Safe travel with us .  
      Its a same and how sad that japanese tourist 23 year old  has been abducted and raped by some Indian people in Bodh Gaya . After hearing this bad news , Damini's rape case has been refreshed .
     When 6 wastered were raped to Damini in running bus . Since then no strict action has been taken by Indian Government . Day by day this kind of incident are increasing .
     That's why nowadays tourist are not coming to India alone . Because they are not safe if they travel alone and graph of coming to India going down .  
      In my opinion rapist should be castrated . then they will come to know what they have done . Indian Government should not put them in jail . they doesn't deserve to stay in jail . this kind of people are blemish of our indian culture and custom .
       Therefore I would like to say if you are planning to coming to india either you should not travel alone of if there is no one to accompany then you should find some tour operator and get arranged every thing then only you can travel safe and enjoy your trip .
Dinesh Kumar.

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