Friday, 15 August 2014

Wishing Independent day 67

Happy Independent day 67 .

Wishing independent day 67, Today this freedom day is being celebrated in all over India . Every Indian is very happy and enthusiastic . We celebrate this day , but forget to them who bestowed their life happily and gone from the world . We are really very much grateful to them and our soldier who had been martyr on this country to obtain the freedom from British ruler . Today we celebrate this day in the their memory and tribute them . We should  salute them . 
            Since then we did lot of progress in the each segment , whether there is India railways, Tele phone/ mobile, computer , missile/ weapons/ and other etc . But on other hand nowadays character of people has gone very much down , we have forgotten to respect of women/ Lady , everyday when we read the news paper we find news of rape molesting women , which blaming  to our humanity . 
          I want to say only we should respect to our women and don't molest them . because this thing can come to our's own sister, mother, wife that's why respect to every's sister, mother, and wife then are also human being like us .

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